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Kids Long-sleeve TENCEL™ Modal Pyjamas Set (Solid Colour)

Kids Long-sleeve TENCEL™ Modal Pyjamas Set (Solid Colour)

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Kids TENCEL™ Modal Pyjamas Set 

Our timeless classic two-piece pyjama are crafted from a lavish combination of 93% TENCEL™ Modal, and 7% Spandex - these pyjamas are tailored for optimum comfort and style.

 Amazing Benefits of TENCEL™ Modal:

  • ✨ Hypoallergenic, inhibits Bacterial Growth: Ideal for sensitive skin.
  • ✨ Breathable & Thermoregulating: Keeps kids cool in warm surroundings and warm in colder temperatures.
  • ✨ Superior Moisture Wicking: superior moisture management and doesn't stick to the skin.
  • ✨ Ultra-Soft & Easy to Care For: Perfect for active kids.

Whether it's a sleepover with friends or a solo adventure in dreamland, your child will adore these stylish and extra comfy TENCEL™ Modal pyjamas. Please note that pyjama prices may vary depending on the size you choose. Get ready for a colorful slumber party!

What is TENCEL™?

TENCEL™ is a brand name for lyocell and modal fibers produced by the Austrian company, Lenzing AG. Lyocell and modal are types of cellulosic fibers derived from wood pulp, typically sourced from sustainable eucalyptus or beechwood forests.

The key characteristics of TENCEL™ fibers are:

  • Natural Origin: TENCEL™ fibers are made from renewable wood sources, emphasizing sustainability in their production.
  • Softness: TENCEL™ is known for its exceptionally soft and smooth feel, making it a popular choice for clothing and textiles.
  • Breathability: The fibers have good moisture absorption and release properties, contributing to the fabric's breathability and comfort.
  • Environmental Sustainability: The production process of TENCEL™ involves a closed-loop system, where the solvents used to break down the wood pulp are recycled. This makes TENCEL™ a more environmentally friendly option compared to some traditional fiber production methods.
  • Biodegradability: TENCEL™ fibers are biodegradable, meaning they can naturally decompose over time, reducing environmental impact.
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