5 Top Tips When Shopping for Baby Clothes

5 Top Tips When Shopping for Baby Clothes

Teensy baby onesies, rompers and booties… These are the cutest mini clothing for the most adorable mini people. However, with all the options available, you can easily overspend or get overwhelmed, whether you’re shopping for your own baby or someone else’s.


We’ve got your back - here are our top tips and mistakes to avoid when shopping for baby clothing.

Pay Attention To The Fabric

Babies, especially newborns, are still getting used to the world around them and have very sensitive skin. It is important to avoid synthetic fabric like polyester, which is not breathable and contains harsh chemicals. Instead, opt for clothing made with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified fabrics, which ensures that every component of the product (every thread, button and accessories) has been tested for harmful substances. You can rest easy knowing that your baby won’t be exposed to harmful chemicals!


Look for clothing made with bamboo, the softest fabric that you can find for your baby’s clothing and is comparable to some of the most luxurious fabrics like Egytian cotton and cashmere. Such clothing will be silky soft on your baby’s soft skin, breathable and soothing, keeping baby rashes and eczema at bay


Get Gender Neutral Pieces

While it’s easy to gravitate towards the pinks and blues when buying clothes for your baby (especially if it’s your first), do consider buying more gender-neutral tones (think whites, greys, yellows) and prints (think animals, travel or space themed). Of course, there’s nothing wrong with dressing your babies in pinks and blues - real boys wear pink too, right?


These pieces come in handy and can be reused if you’re planning on having more kids in the future, or if you’re passing the clothes on to family and friends.

Convenience Is Key

Cute as they are, the reality is that you’ll be changing your baby’s clothing several times throughout the day (and night) due to spit-ups, poops and pee. You are going to want clothing that’s easy to put on and easy to remove. The last thing you’d want is to be fiddling with straps and buttons as your baby cries or during those dreaded midnight diaper changes. 


Look for clothing with snaps and zippers as these are the most convenient and quickest to get on. Alternatively, try kimono-style onesies if you prefer to skip the hassle of having to get your baby’s outfit over their head! The wrap-around design and side ties allow for a quick, easy outfit change.


Do away with irritant and choking hazards

Small neck openings, itchy labels and uncomfortable seams can all be irritants on your baby’s delicate skin, and can cause rashes and eczema flare-ups. Make sure to choose clothing with adequate neck opening sizes and are elastic enough to prevent excessive rubbing against their necks. Do also choose clothing with iron-on tags for maximum comfort. 


It is tempting to have your baby all decked out in clothing with bows, buttons, sequins and so on. Unfortunately, they can actually become dangerous choking hazards for your baby. If you do choose clothing with such features, make sure your kids are a bit older (over six months) and that the features are firmly attached to the clothes.

Size Up

As a new mum, you’ll likely be getting many baby outfits as gifts. Chances are, friends and family will gravitate towards the smallest newborn size (0-3 months).


A good strategy will be to stock up on some 6-12 months+ clothing even before the baby arrives, to diversify your options, and since you know you’ll be needing those eventually. Some newborns may also not fit into a newborn size, or can quickly grow out of that size in a blink of an eye!

We hope that the tips above make it a little easier for you, whether you’re shopping for your little one on the way or for a loved one. While it’s tempting to buy every single cute outfit you see (we know), we’d say invest in quality, well-made pieces that stand the test of time and that you and your baby enjoy!


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